Cap Ferret: A Memorable Weekend Getaway with Friends

All occasions are good to spend a weekend with friends. It doesn’t matter where and when as long as the friends are there. But when 20 parents decide to leave together, there is way less room for improvisation … Here is the story of a weekend we won’t forget anytime soon!

A 40-year party to celebrate fixes the departure at the beginning of September. Wait a minute … A weekend without children, right at the start of the school year, isn’t this crazy? Of course, it is! And that’s why this getaway is a fun thing to do 🙂 But let’s be realistic: this craziness can’t last more than 3 days! Just have to decide where we’ll go.

A weekend with friends rhymes with sunny days. But since wasting time traveling around is no option, I limit the search to short-flight destinations. What about the Cap Ferret peninsula? 

Drone view from Cap Ferret
Copyright © Aymeric Levaux

Cap Ferret is a guaranteed change of scenery less than 3 hours from Brussels, with pleasant temperatures in September.

If we often advise avoiding this “Saint-Tropez of the Atlantic” and its 30,000 residents during summer, the fact remains that this piece of land caught between the Bassin and the ocean gives off a much more natural and preserved atmosphere than other popular destinations like Mykonos or Ibiza. Most rentals also ensure the tranquility of the place by prohibiting parties. No fiesta until 6 am in Cap Ferret or you will find an angry neighbor at your door! No worries, that is exactly what I’m looking for … Losing track of time in a wild environment, hair in the wind, eyes on the waves, and feet in the sand…

Plage de la Pointe
Plage de la Pointe (Copyright © Maud Noez)

After months of an almost flawless organization (I explain everything in detail here), we head to Lille to start the weekend.

We arrive at Cap Ferret at noon. The house is as beautiful as pictured: nicely decorated, spacious, and perfectly suited for a big group. Located near the Bélisaire jetty, equidistant from the Bassin and the ocean beaches, it provides easy access to shops while offering a quiet neighborhood. It is an ideal location for a car-free weekend on the peninsula.

Since I couldn’t find a house big enough for the group, a few friends are staying at the hotel next door. They won’t be far away … As for this September weather, it is perfect: blue skies and 28 degrees. First jumps in the pool coming this way!

Rental house in Cap Ferret

5 pm, we pick up bikes rented for 24 hours, and head for the Plage de la Pointe. The ride is short. Barely 5 kilometers. We stop at the foot of the Cap Ferret Lighthouse (the 258 steps leading to a breathtaking panorama will have to wait). We stroll randomly along the paths of the emblematic 44-hectare area.

At the end of the road, we leave the bikes opposite the restaurant Le Mirador to follow the Abécédaire des dunes.

Dune du Pilat
Pointe du Cap Ferret, Dune du Pilat (Copyright © Vanessa Zielonka)

The aperitif is taken on the Plage de la Pointe, at sunset. The view of the Dune du Pilat, the Banc d’Arguin, and the passes of the Bassin d’Arcachon is breathtaking …

Plage de la Pointe, Cap Ferret
Copyright © Thibaut Colson

On the evening menu, tasting degustation at the Cabane du Mimbeau. I really love the beautiful terrace of this cabane but they all offer an identical menu: oysters, whelks, prawns, and pâté, accompanied by white wine. Delicious!

Cabane du Mimbeau in Cap Ferret

The cabane closes early (10 pm). We, therefore, prolong the evening at the Quarante Quatre, a bar restaurant as famous for its tapas as for its good vibes. Upon our arrival, the place seems disturbingly calm. But the DJ and a few cocktails quickly wake up the people. Not quite the Pacha but we won’t stop dancing until the end of the night! Going back to the villa by bike is as tricky as it is funny. What is happening in Cap Ferret …

Saturday morning, we awake gently, a toe in the pool. After a quick stop at the delicious P’tite Boulangerie du Ferret, we stroll among the market stalls. Apero time is coming. We go to the Bistro De Peyo to enjoy its famous tapas platters. Hey, wouldn’t that be Mister Singer over there? … Yes, even famous people are coming to the market in Cap Ferret.

Quick break lunch. Time to take advantage of the summer heat on the Plage de l’Horizon.

Some are rolling in the waves, others are inquiring about a surf lesson. Petanque on the sand. Siesta.

Plage de l'Horizon, Cap Ferret
Plage de l’Horizon (Copyright © Stéphane Janssens)

Time passes slowly. It smells like the holidays …

Plage de l'horizon, Cap Ferret
Plage de l’Horizon (Copyright © Stéphane Janssens)

At 6:30 pm, we go to the Bélisaire jetty to embark on a sunset catamaran cruise.

Tonight, we will have a drink on the Bassin! This boat trip has its price but the experience is so worth it. Watching the sunset over the Bassin is unforgettable…

Bassin d'Arcachon (Cap Ferret)
Copyright © Aymeric Levaux
Bassin d'Arcachon (Cap Ferret)
Copyright © Thibaut Colson

Sunday morning (noon?), we laze around the swimming pool, we brunch, play petanque, and have endless discussions … The end is approaching, precisely, and we prefer not to think about it.

Time to go home. Coming back from this enchanted short break will not be easy.

What if we just start over? …

Plage de la Pointe

For all the practical information and great recommendations in Cap Ferret, check out “Weekend in Cap Ferret: Practical tips and favorite spots“.

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