Golden Temples and Dreamy Beaches

Discover Thailand, a land of vibrant culture, stunning beaches, and rich history. From bustling cities and serene temples to lush jungles and crystal-clear waters, Thailand offers a perfect blend of adventure and relaxation. Whether you’re seeking cultural experiences, culinary delights, or tropical getaways, Thailand promises an unforgettable journey in a truly enchanting destination.

Thailand at a glance

Location: Located in Southeast Asia, Thailand covers an area of around 513,000 km². It shares borders with Burma to the west and north, Laos to the north and east, Cambodia to the southeast, and Malaysia to the south. The country also has a vast coastline along the Gulf of Thailand to the east and the Andaman Sea to the west.

Capital: Bangkok

Population: approx. 70 million

Official languages: Thai

Currency: Thai Baht (THB) – €1 is worth approximately 38 THB

Time difference: +5h in summer and +6h in winter compared with Western European time.

Flight time: 11h average flight time from Europe (direct)

Tips: it is customary to leave around 10% of the bill in restaurants, 100 THB/day for a guide and 50 THB/day for the driver.

Health: No vaccinations are required for travelers from Europe. Malaria is being eradicated in tourist areas, but not in the border regions of Laos and Myanmar. Dengue fever is steadily spreading throughout the country.

Entry formalities: Passport valid for at least 6 months from date of arrival – No visa required for a tourist stay of less than 30 days

In your suitcase: an adapter for type A, B or C electrical sockets, sun cream, light, covering clothing for visiting the temples, as well as warm clothing for cooler evenings, depending on the season and the region visited.

Good to know: Avoid stepping over anything or entering a house or temple without taking off your shoes and covering your shoulders, arms and legs. Respect the royal family by stopping when the national anthem is played.

5 good reasons to visit Thailand

Visit one of the country’s 40,000 Buddhist temples
Eat in the street, and never eat the same meal twice because the cuisine is so varied.
Watch a giant water fight during Songkran, the Buddhist New Year water festival
Discover Buddhist culture and religion, practiced by 95% of Thais
Take part in the release of luminous lanterns during the Yi Peng festival in Chiang Mai

Let’s shape your next trip to Thailand together!

Immerse yourself in the enchantment of the “land of smiles”, where the splendor of its temples, the finesse of its cuisine and the diversity of its landscapes will leave you speechless. Whether you’re traveling as a couple, with family or friends, explore at your own pace, by train, on foot or by bike, and create unforgettable memories.

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