British Columbia | Unforgettable Adventure in Heli-Camping Safari

If every traveler harbors their own unique adventure dreams, there are certain experiences so extraordinary that they simply must be shared. After living in Quebec for over a decade, exploring the Canadian West was one of our greatest aspirations. But, as life often does, it took us down different paths… So, when we listen to the fascinating tale of a helicopter safari deep in the heart of the Canadian West, we can’t help but dream ourselves of breathtaking landscapes and unforgettable wildlife encounters. They say that once up there, time stands still, offering the ultimate sensation of being alone in the world… At least, that’s what a lucky friend who experienced this incredible journey tells us, and whose story I am sharing with you here.

It all begins at the heli-base in Whistler, just a two-hour drive from Vancouver. Excitement fills the air as each passenger stows their personal belongings in the helicopter lockers before boarding. Take-off is imminent. Within minutes, all traces of civilization fade away. We soar over a river, winding through the valley, catch a glimpse of a grizzly bear focused on salmon fishing, and glide over a majestic glacier. The 30 minutes of this first flight seem to last an eternity, as the disconnection is complete and the beauty is breathtaking.

We touch down at the campsite, our main base for the three-day safari. Nestled in the heart of the wilderness, everything is set up to welcome us under the best conditions: comfortable sleeping tents, a tent dedicated to meals, another for showers with hot water provided by solar panels, and a tent for the toilets. The staff is attentive: one member takes care of meal service, another monitors the camp, and even a guard dog is on duty to alert us of any potential bear presence.

Once settled, we savor a welcome cocktail, allowing the team to introduce themselves and provide an essential safety briefing. Under a breathtaking starlit sky, the first evening oscillates between absolute calm and palpable excitement for the adventures ahead.

Day One: Aerial Safari and Maritime Exploration

After a hearty breakfast, we board the helicopter to begin our first day on safari.

With favorable tide conditions, the pilot takes advantage of this first flight to introduce us to crab fishing directly from the helicopter! After the necessary basics and preparations for this traditional fishing are done on land, we take off vertically to drop the baited trap. Once the trap is deployed with its buoy, we hope that upon return, it will be full of fresh crabs for our evening meal.

Heading out to the ocean, we observe from the air sea lions, seals, orcas, dolphins, and whales.

The pilot then guides us to Princess Louisa Inlet, a spectacular fjord accessible only by air or sea, renowned for its steep rocky walls, dense forests, and numerous waterfalls.

A privilege of the helicopter, we fly over Chatterbox Falls, which impresses with its 40-meter height, then up the river to admire the unique sequence of seven waterfalls leading to the glacier lake upstream of the fjord. The calm, clear waters of the lake invite for a stand-up paddle session that we won’t soon forget.

Day Two: Glacier adventures and Altitude lunches

The second day unfolds in the mountains. At noon, we have lunch at the summit, directly on the snow. While the team prepares a table dug in the snow, the pilot guides us to ice caves.

Entering an ice cave is a magical moment: the walls of translucent ice tinted with intense blue and turquoise create a fairy-tale atmosphere. The natural light filtering through the ice gives the inside of the cave a mystical glow.

During helicopter flights, the pilot remains attentive to opportunities to observe animals such as elk or mountain goats clinging to the thin, slippery walls. At cocktail hour, the blue of the caves gives way to the golden hues of a sunset against snow-capped peaks.

Day Three: Adventures in the Canyons and Mineral Desert

The third and final day of the safari is synonymous with activities among canyons and mineral deserts. Sturgeon fishing, rafting or mountain biking, lunch at the foot of rocky cliffs, flying over rivers in search of black bears or bighorn sheep, every moment is an extraordinary experience. With breaths taken away by so many wonders, we already know that the return to civilization will be tinged with nostalgia after experiencing and witnessing so much splendor.

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This exceptional adventure in the heart of the Canadian wilderness, amidst mountains, glaciers, and fjords, is an unforgettable experience that remains etched in the memory forever. The breathtaking landscapes, animal encounters, and unique activities make this helicopter safari an adventure that one dreams of reliving again and again.

Good to know

The price of this experience, approximately 80,000 CAD for a group of four people, reflects not only the exclusivity and quality of the services offered but also the considerable logistical means required to ensure such an adventure. Between helicopters, the dedicated team of professionals, high-quality equipment, and gourmet meals prepared on-site, every detail is designed to offer an unparalleled experience.

If you’re seeking an extraordinary adventure, complete immersion in the Canadian wilderness, and unforgettable memories, this helicopter safari is undoubtedly a unique opportunity.