Weekend in Marrakech: Practical Tips & Must-Visit Spots

Looking to plan a weekend getaway in Marrakesh for a group of 18 people? Let me help guide you through the process 👇

➜ If you spend a weekend in Marrakesh with a group, you’ll surely have some bumps in the road and much fun. Here are the most memorable moments from three days of excitement: “Weekend in Marrakech: A Fun Getaway with Friends
➜ A complete itinerary to discover Marrakesh in one day is available here: “Exploring Marrakech in a day: A discovery itinerary

Marrakesh, in a few words

Marrakesh, also known as the “red city” or “ocher city,” is located at the base of the Atlas Mountains in the center of Morocco. This imperial city was once the capital of Morocco for almost 350 years, alongside Fez, Rabat, and Meknes. With just over one million population, it is currently the fourth largest city in Morocco, following Casablanca, Fez, and Tangier. Many of its buildings are red, giving the city its nickname.

Mosquée Moulay El Yazid, Marrakech

Marrakesh is split into two parts: the New City, with luxury hotels and shopping centers, and the medina, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1985. The medina covers almost 600 hectares, making it the largest in Morocco and the most populated in North Africa. Ali ben Youssef built ramparts around it in 1126, stretching 19 kilometers long and 8-10 meters high. Marrakech is the tourism capital of Morocco due to its rich cultural heritage and historic landmarks.

Interestingly, Marrakech was once known as Morocco in the East, and leather accessories made there were so renowned that the term “marroquinería” was coined in Castile and spread to other languages, such as French 🤓

Moroccan leather slippers
Moroccan leather slippers (Copyright © Natacha Lays)

Looking to travel to Marrakesh?

Various airlines offer daily flights from Paris and Brussels, including Brussels Airlines, Ryanair, and Royal Air Maroc. These flights depart from Brussels Zaventem or Charleroi and arrive at Marrakech-Menara airport. A direct flight typically takes around 3.5 hours.

Marrakech-Ménara Airport
Marrakech-Ménara Airport (Copyright © Stéphane Janssens)

➜ If you book your tickets in March for a September departure, you can get a return ticket from Brussels to Marrakech for €179.5 through Brussels Airlines. Your arrival in Marrakech is scheduled for 8:30 a.m. on Friday, and your return is on Sunday at 3:50 p.m. This gives you almost 3 days to spend in Marrakech.

When to visit Marrakesh?

With its semi-arid Mediterranean climate, Marrakesh enjoys pleasant weather throughout the year. Winters are mild, while summers can get hot, with average temperatures ranging between 18°C in the morning and 34°C in the afternoon from June to September. However, it is worth noting that temperatures can sometimes go above 40°C, making it uncomfortable for tourists to engage in activities within the medina.

For a better experience, visiting Marrakesh in spring and autumn is advisable. The period between March to May and October to November is ideal as temperatures range between 20 and 30°C, and the average sunshine is about 8 hours a day.

➜ Based on our experience, we recommend planning your visit to Marrakesh during this time. Even with back-to-school schedules, we visited Cap-Ferret in September and had no regrets. We chose the same period for our second weekend with friends in Marrakesh.

How to get around in Marrakesh?

Walking is best for exploring the medina; you won’t need a car. However, you must rent a car to explore the surrounding areas like Ourika Valley, Mount Toubkal, Ouzoud waterfalls, or the Agafay desert.

It’s recommended to rent from a local company as they are usually cheaper than the more prominent platforms. Remember that there may be limited availability, so contacting them in advance is best. It took me three attempts to rent four Dacia Dusters, even when booking five months ahead. On average, we paid around 50€ per day for our rental.

Where to stay in Marrakesh?

There are plenty of accommodation options to suit any budget and preference. The cost of your stay will depend on the type of accommodation you choose (hotel, hostel, apartment, or riad), the location, and the time of booking.

  • Riads are a popular type of accommodation in the medina of Marrakesh. These traditional Moroccan residences typically have two floors and no windows to block out noise and heat. However, the interior patio is lush with greenery and often features a fountain or pool to cool off on hot days. Riads are usually managed by a cook and caretaker who provide attentive but discreet service to guests. Staying in a riad offers warm hospitality in a peaceful setting while close to historical sites. Dars, similar in architecture, are smaller and often operate as bed and breakfasts.
  • If you’re looking for a resort-style hotel, some options can be found in the Palmeraie, about ten kilometers northeast of Marrakech. However, it’s not recommended to stay there if you want to be close to the medina as it’s quite a distance away.
  • Suppose you’re looking for a chic district in Marrakesh, head southwest of the medina to Hivernage. This area boasts ample palm-lined avenues and modern hotel complexes reminiscent of the fashion developed in the Emirates. Enjoy the nightlife at chic restaurants, private clubs, and upscale nightclubs.
  • Guéliz, on the other hand, is a newer district located northwest of the medina with a clear Western influence. While it may be less authentic and charming, it’s easily accessible and has many affordable hotels.

➜ If you’re visiting the medina, stay close to Jemaa el-Fna Square in a nearby riad for an authentic experience in the historic heart of Marrakesh.

Because our group was large, we decided to find more spacious accommodations outside of Marrakesh. We discovered three excellent options less than an hour away from the medina. Here are the details:

Petit Hôtel du Flouka

Located on the shores of Lake Lalla Takerkoust, the Petit Hôtel du Flouka offers a spectacular panorama of the Atlas mountains facing it.

Petit Hôtel du Flouka
Petit Hôtel du Flouka (Copyright © Bini Toffefee)

The hotel boasts 14 air-conditioned rooms, each with a private bathroom and television. These rooms are located in small independent pavilions in a garden full of olive, palm, and fruit trees.

The restaurant has a beautiful terrace overlooking the lake, with a petanque court on one side and a cozy bar on the other. Guests can also enjoy a dip in one of the two swimming pools.

Petit Hôtel du Flouka
Petit Hôtel du Flouka (Copyright © Bini Toffefee)

➜ This charming and exotic hotel is perfect for relaxation. You can even privatize the hotel and organize a dance party on the terrace! 🤩 Find out more in this article: “Marrakesh | The wild side of an epic weekend in the red city“.

Helpful information

  • The Petit Hotel du Flouka is situated at BP 45 Barrage Lalla Takerskoust, 42000 Marrakech. It is approximately 40 kilometers from the medina and takes around 50 minutes to travel there.
  • The 14 bedrooms can accommodate 32 people.
  • Prices for double rooms start at €75, breakfast included.
  • In privatization mode, we opted for menus (starter, main course, dessert) at 18€/person.
  • It is more interesting to book directly on the hotel website!
  • Jet Atlas offers several activities on the lake, but we did not have the opportunity to test them.

Selina Nomad Camp Agafay

After spending a night by the lake, consider heading to the Agafay desert for a unique glamping experience. Although we initially planned to privatize the Oxygen Lodge Agafay camp, there was a communication problem, and that option fell through. We struggled to find replacement options within our budget a few weeks before departure (similar to our experience organizing a weekend in Cap Ferret 😂).

Despite some frustration, we ended up booking the Selina Nomad Camp Agafay. Although the camp has almost 50 tents and is not fully privatized, we reduced costs and ensured each couple would have their tent.

Selina Nomad Camp Agafay
Selina Nomad Camp Agafay (Copyright © Stéphane Janssens)

The Selina Nomad Camp Agafay is in the Agafay desert, 30 kilometers south of Marrakesh. They have various tent options, including a double standard and glamping loft with a private pool. They also have two Bedouin tents holding up to 20 people each. Additionally, they offer amenities such as a restaurant, bar, two swimming pools, CoWork space, a communal kitchen, massage, and yoga tents.

Selina Nomad Camp Agafay
Selina Nomad Camp Agafay (Copyright © Bini Toffefee)

➜ Upon arrival at the camp, we discovered that the Selina group had taken over the management of an existing camp. The camp was beautifully decorated and catered to the digital nomad clientele that Selina is known for. Although this was different from what we were looking for, we still enjoyed the glamping experience and the stunning views of the Agafay desert. The on-site management was lacking, with some quirky experiences, as mentioned in this article: “Marrakesh | The wild side of an epic weekend in the red city“ 😅

Helpful information

  • The Selina Nomad Camp Agafay is located on Route des Camps Desert, 40272 Agafay, and is a 40-minute drive from the medina of Marrakesh. The same travel time applies when coming from Petit Hôtel du Flouka, located 25 kilometers away.
  • The prices for double tents range from €70 (Micro Tent) to €320 (Glamping Loft) per night. For those on a budget, a bed in one of the dormitory tents (Beduin Tent) can be rented for €28 per night. Breakfast costs €15 per person, while meals cost €35 (excluding drinks).
  • The camp offers several activities, including quad biking, buggy, and camel rides. All activities can be booked directly through Selina.

The Domaine de Tameslothe

Before our 4 p.m. flight, we ended our stay with a change of scenery. The Domaine de Tameslohte, a 12-room hotel surrounded by a 1.5-hectare garden, is only 25 minutes from Marrakesh. Although we couldn’t stay overnight, we enjoyed their Day Pass package, including lunch and pool access.

➜ The lush vegetation of the estate made it feel like an oasis in the middle of nowhere. The pool was refreshing, and we drank some cocktails by the water while some indulged in the treatments. The lunch menu was diverse and delicious, served on the terrace in the shade. It was a perfect lunch break before heading back home 😍

Helpful information

  • The Domaine de Tameslohte is conveniently located in Douar Laaouina, Route d’Amizmiz Km 15, 42312 Tameslohte, only 20 minutes away from the airport and 35 minutes away from Selina Nomad Camp Agafay.
  • The Day Pass formula giving the right to lunch and pool access is charged at €25 per adult, €15 per child excluding drinks.

Exploring Marrakesh in one day?

If you’re visiting Marrakesh, there are many exciting places to explore, such as markets, gardens, palaces, and mosques. However, you can still see the essentials if you only have one day to spare. You can visit the El Badi palace, Jemaa el-Fna square, souks, and Secret Garden in just a few hours.


Individual budget for a 3-day weekend departing from Brussels, based on 18 people > €438

Plane tickets > €179.5
Dacia Duster rental > €34.5
Parking in Marrakesh > 0.5€
Breakfast at Zeitoun Kasbah cafe > 6€
Privatization of the hotel Le Flouka for 1 night with breakfast > 67€
Evening meal and following lunch at Le Flouka restaurant > 36€
Rental of a professional sound system for the dance party > 4.5€
1 night of glamping in a double tent at the Selina Nomad Camp Agafay > 50€
Evening meal at the Selina Nomad Camp Agafay restaurant > 35€
Lunch with swimming pool access at Domaine de Tameslohte > 25€

➜ If you spend a weekend in Marrakesh with a group, you’ll surely have some bumps in the road and much fun. Here are the most memorable moments from three days of excitement: “Weekend in Marrakech: A Fun Getaway with Friends
➜ A complete itinerary to discover Marrakesh in one day is available here: “Exploring Marrakech in a day: A discovery itinerary

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